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Parity Software®

Oregon's Equal Pay Act 

Employers are encouraged to take steps now to ensure compliance with the new law: audit and analyze each job in the organization; group “work of a comparable character”; identify discrepancies in compensation within each group; either justify discrepancies with bona fide reasons or adjust compensation to equalize salaries within groups; document justifications; update documentation with every raise, performance review, role and responsibility change, etc.  

Parity Software is the only pay equity software to ensure compliance, automatically!


Parity Software will:  

● Analyze each role. 

● Objectively group​​ similar jobs. 

● Identify pay discrepancies​​ within each group. 

● Help employers ​determine the validity​​ of those discrepancies.  

● Stores documentation​​ of your justification.  

● Generate new job descriptions​​ for updated roles.  

● Generate reports​​ on your company’s pay equity status.  

● Help you ​manage and store updates​​ to each role, including pay raises, benefits changes, role changes, etc.  



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